In 1998, about 25 and a half years almost to the date… I fell in with a cult on the college campus… it was your dad’s love that brought me back to God… I didn’t even know he knew me enough to love me… I knew he loved my family, and he loved my parents…

I was such a punk to your dad back then… I was a teenager, and I thought I knew everything… through your father’s actions, the way that he stuck by me, and the way he mentored me, he demonstrated that he loved me… even now, I don’t know what he saw in me to love me like that… he was definitely following Jesus, because only Jesus could love me…

Fast forward 25 and a half years… less than a week ago I was in Austin, TX, I preached the gospel and a young man came forward to receive the love of Christ for the first time… your father is a spiritual grandfather tens of thousands of times over…

Reading the few sentences about your dad’s love brought me back man… it reminded me of the sweetness of your dad’s love for me. Not gonna lie, I shed some tears thinking about how much he loved me… and it was his love that pointed me to the ultimate love we have in Christ.

I can’t wait until I hug your dad again… soon and very soon… Palm Sunday is coming… what a reminder that the King is coming soon. Sending hugs to you from Chicago bro… hug your sis for me too. Peace

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Thanks, brother. When we love people like Christ loves us, God works. We aren't just the roles we play, but vessels to show God's love in our unique situations. I pray we will continue to be that example as my dad was an example to us For many more generations to come.

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