Thinking about the well known saying that there’s at least “always 2 sides to every story”… Wonder if that means both sides are not without blame.. if i understand it that way it makes somewhat when i think of my parents fights i had to grow up observing at home.. i used to take sides with my dad most of the time.. but now that I am an older woman, married, i feel so much more empathy with my mother and can understand where she was coming from as well… but what if you were the victim of abuse and crime?

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Great perspectives. So many situations are different, but there certainly are very clear cases of harm or victims. Victims should be protected and aggressors handled according to the law. Those often don't break my "logic" about God because I know God is loving, but we live in a fallen world. When that aggression is systematic and continual and God still uses those individuals just hurts my heart and understanding. Where I believe there are multiple sides to a situation is maybe better said there can be multiple things true at once. One can be an aggressor and a victim at the same time. One can be right legally and wrong spiritually. One can be a strong leader and flawed in character. Those dualalities confuse me in why God allows that. That is where my understanding is limited.

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