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Dec 22, 2023Liked by Seriously, God?

I also had a similar recognition that I deal very poorly with loss of control. For me it came in answer to the question, "Why do I seem to repeatedly struggle with and return to the same sin(s)?" Be it anger, despondency, lust, laziness, judgmental legalism, it often stems from my unwillingness to move into any new area where I am not certain of the outcome, thus I turn to what I do know, my comfort zone, my old life, my dead self, as a dog to its vomit. Yet the admittance/confession of my sad state also yielded my spirit to receive grace once again to persevere and trust God, who cares more than any of us do about our church and even our own lives, to sanctify us.

Thanks for sharing, Sam. Take heart. There are still many who pray alongside you.

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